Prevention vs. Treatment part 1 of 2 | We can end this obesity epidemic thirds of all American adults nearly 1 out 3 children are over weight or obese.  As a result, our nation has high rates of Type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  Working together, we can ensure our children’s health—and their future.  The good news this epidemic and chronic illnesses are completely preventable. Continue reading

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Concept:  Action Now!  ‘Just Do It!’ as the slogan says. Waiting for the perfect time, the perfect day, or the perfect partner.  You must be the leader within yourself.  Motivation is simple, as long as you take the first step, the next step will follow suite.  Make living your life a wealth of health.  We do not forget to breathe, so why skip on nutrition. Our body not only demands it, it deserves it.  According to the Nutritional Journal, a realistic high protein weight-reducing diet was associated with greater fat loss and lower blood pressure in high risk overweight and obese women.  A high protein diet, the preferred prescription for weight reduction does not have to be costly.  Continue reading

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Over 90% of people around the globe have no idea how valuable exercise and good nutrition training is to their “universe.”  The human body is an incredible environment that needs simply the best protein, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Do you give your body proper nutrition? Everybody should say YES, but the S.A.D(standard American Diet) reality is people are not giving their body proper nutrition.  Making a decision is empowering yourself.   Today you have the opportunity to get it right.  Make sure your diet includes balanced and colorful meals that have a variety of grains, vegetables, and fruits, as well as high-quality proteins like lean meats, beans, fish, and poultry.  Many of us, need to change our thinking from “dieting” and change to a way of life, a healthy active lifestyle.  There are three options you can start with FAST, FASTER, and FASTEST, which one would you like to get started on.  Ask me How?

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