Vitamins & Minerals | Feed your Need

Feed yourself the proper nutrients that it needs to grow and develop normally.  Vitamins and minerals, have a unique role to play in maintaining your optimum health.  Vitamins are an organic substance (made by plants or animals), minerals are inorganic elements that come from mother Earth; soil and water are absorbed by plants.  Animals and humans alike absorb minerals from the plants they eat.  Tip: Eating clean is very important to any nutrition and exercise program.

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SEX | Blueberries

Blueberries are high in soluble fiber, which helps remove excess cholesterol from the blood before it gets absorbed and deposited on artery walls.  This tasty fruit can put punch into your physique, as well as boost sexual performance.  What are your thoughts on the matter?

“From now on, I want you to put in equal amount of
BLUEBERRIES in each muffin”

Fish Oil | Omega-3 Benefits

It does not matter if you want to build muscle or loss fat or you are simply looking to take steps towards great health, fish oil is a supplement you definitely should add to your daily diet.  There are not many supplements that offer as many benefits as fish oil does.  Some preliminary studies also indicate that fish oil may be effective in the treatment of mental disorders including depression.

The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may prevent heart attack and reduce the risk of some cancers, as well as reduce inflammation throughout the body.   Continue reading

Group Fitness | LOVE iT

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.  Love may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards humans, one’s self, animals, or activities.

Lets focus on ACTIVITIES for just a moment.  Many people love competition, and many group activities can allow for that competitive release. This could be a sport like Basketball or Soccer. It could also be applied to other group varied workouts. You could race at the end of your bike ride, or see who can do more burpees, then absolutely pass out at the end of the challenge.  A great workout that is simple and fun. Continue reading

What Is Energy – and How do supplements work?

EnergyA simple solution is to divide energy supplement ingredients into three categories: stimulants, which rev up the metabolism; substances that affect metabolism  specifically how the cells derive energy from nutrients; and calories, which are the basic fuel our bodies use to function. Continue reading

Can supplements boost weight loss?

Losing weight can dramatically improve your emotional and physical health, but it can be a slow process.  A person did not gain the weight over night, so why should you lose it overnight.  So it’s no wonder that 35% of American adults use diet supplements to boost weight loss, opting for a range of products that claim to decrease appetite, block fat absorption, or increase metabolism.  However, there are some proven weight management supplements available.  Which weight management supplements may be safe and helpful during a change in lifestyle? Continue reading

Wealth | Investment Banking

ClientsWealth management generally has no accepted standard definition; both in terms of the product (you) and services (people) provided.  A basic definition is to provide services to individuals and their families as well as friends.  Wealth management therefore a broader area of financial freedom and services than personal banking (hoping it will change) in several different ways. Continue reading

The NOW | Good Nutrition & Exercise

Diet and Exercise : Start From BeginningMany common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a colorful healthy diet.  Although many turn to costly fad diets and exercise programs that fail to provide lasting results with a healthy change.  Proper diet and exercise are the mainstays for a healthy active lifestyle.  People we all need to understand there are no short cuts.  In the same way that financial advisers tell us to save for our retirement when we are young, so should we invest in good nutrition and exercise.  And while 69% of Americans do save money for their future, only 30% exercise regularly.  Let’s go be active make change.  The basics, gradual weight loss and good health include developing healthy eating habits and increasing daily physical activity. Continue reading

A New Attitude

Anytime you are carrying unwanted extra pounds, most people begin looking for ways to lose weight.  The struggle to lose weight is a complex challenge that includes physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.  Winning the battle with your weight loss or gain, one must confront all challenges with a new attitude, “I will win.”  The fact, if you have tried to lose or gain weight on your own and have not been successful, you simply need to use the skills of a well-trained professional who is knowledgeable in this area.  Continue reading

The element of Change |Happiness

bedroom, freedom doing happiness, freedom happiness doing, text Our lives have changed significantly throughout our time.  We are in a time of creation, creating a universe of peace within your new self everyday.  Time of your dreams shifting into reality.  This means letting go of attachments to the way things used to be.  A time to heal living in love and happiness now.  The ability to learn whenever, wherever you want, you have access to something that never closes down.  Being in control of your destiny, requires one element love accompanied by happiness.  Continue reading