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I am Better in life

Aging gracefully is not always easy, but having the right attitude about it matters a lot.  For some reason, our society is very obsessed with pointing out negative aspects of aging.  I find it rather comforting knowing I am here at a point where age is just a number that does not matter.  We can all push ourselves to higher heights as the Steve Miller Band puts it, “as time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future.”

Now is the time to put forth your imprint in the sands of time.  My grandmother was a beautiful example of living young at heart, as she said it, “be adventurous, be courageous, this is your one life to live, and choose to live as young as you want to be.”  She lived with that motto her entire life, wearing the same dress size from age 19 to her home going at 80., which we believe she was forever young.  She lived a life with passion and joy, dedicating her life to serving others.  I am grateful to GOD for our life together.

Do what brings you joy?  David L. Petty, Sociologist, stated aging is a process of change; it is both inevitable and irresistible.  He ponders life, “we must learn to adapt to changes that comes our way.”  If we dream of a life fulfilled we must be willing to make decisions that will change our lives, as we age.  For example, we should not assume some typical process of normal aging, is at work.  We must work methodically at personally developing ourselves daily.

Suggestions For: How to eat, to live, and to age gracefully.

  • Always eat at least 5-6 small meals a day.  Do not skip a meal because you want to “splurge” latter; just eat a little less.  Never skip Breakfast.  By the way, what did you have for breakfast?
  • Join a social Fit club or start one.  A recent study, based in Sweden,  emphasized the importance of being healthy and active into your 70s, which suggest there are still benefits to being physically active, socially involved, as well as longevity.  The benefits were seen in people in their 80s, it’s never too late to start living well,  let yourself know, I am good health & wealth.

Be inspirational. . .Be Happy. . .Love to live your Life!!!

  • Just begin, we can take individual responsibility.  We can have respect and care for our skin, lungs, hair (granted we still have some ;-), eyes, teeth, hands and feet, mind, body, and soul.  We can always challenge our minds (push the limits) and nurture our soul as well as others.  We can make an impact by doing a few simple changes to improve our overall well being.  By definition, aging gracefully means, seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement or proportion.

Be defined in your moment in time

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