Why do you drive so FAST?

Have your ever asked yourself?  A common question, most people have said at one time or another.  What is the BIG hurry!?, why are you driving so FAST?  Or one of my favorites, How am I driving?  The real question here, is what drives you and why?  I agree, you do have drive, ambition and self-confidence, but what we are looking for is ability.  Do you have what it takes to fuel your drive?

Lets analyze the word DRIVE(N) from a psychological point of view; its defined as arousal which occurs when a need or an intense desire is felt strong enough to motivate a person to seek its satisfaction.

What drives me, the smiles, the supernormal positive energy, the tears of joy, the unwavering affection of the people who decided to make a difference in their lives and others.  Why, you may ask, I love watering flowers, seeing them bloom, is simply beautiful.

Blooming flowers

C.C. 3.0 wrote, Can one conceive for any reason a flower’s beauty then our ability to enjoy their unique splendor?  Of course, there are scientific facts the beautiful colors of a flower, are attractive to all species.  Allowing for the pollination or spreading of seeds to be reproduce.  It is my firm belief the world is beautiful.  A flower is just a testimony the world is designed for our enjoyment.

Believe In Your Dreams And They WILL Come True

No matter fast or slow, “the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.” Now, everyone can think positive and be driven taking their life, to the next level.  Whether you are a new distributor of products and services helping as many people achieve greatness, a science student grappling with scientific proof, a parent needing childrearing advice, or a person who is tired of struggling paycheck to paycheck.  Relish your moment, make a decision, be everything you imagine and believe you will achieve it. This is your opportunity to sprint through the finish line.  Make 2013 the year you elevate yourself.  And, write down, why you drive so FAST?

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