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Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.  Love may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards humans, one’s self, animals, or activities.

Lets focus on ACTIVITIES for just a moment.  Many people love competition, and many group activities can allow for that competitive release. This could be a sport like Basketball or Soccer. It could also be applied to other group varied workouts. You could race at the end of your bike ride, or see who can do more burpees, then absolutely pass out at the end of the challenge.  A great workout that is simple and fun.

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Exercising or being active in a group allows you to dedicate yourself with friends as well as make new ones. Make a decision to exercise together, and be committed regularly. You will spend more quality time together, while becoming more fit at the same time. This is also a great way to network outside of your normal parameters or circle of friends. You can develop stronger relationships when you learn to work together and help each other to achieve short and long term goals.

Fitness Research  studies have shown that working out in groups can give a person a higher release of endorphins than if they work out alone. This allows people to enjoy exercise with support, being able to endure tougher workouts, and build lasting relationships. This “natural high” can be addictive, encouraging people to make daily healthy choices.

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Ordinary people are doing some extraordinary things more and more.  People are seeing the benefit of group exercise and proper nutrition creating, a unique social opportunity.  There are many organizations designed for people who want to get fit, meet people, listen to music, while enjoying a friendly social environment.  People are being innovative by constantly varying workouts that maximize overall fitness. With popular home gym activities revolutionizing the way people approach exercising, the future is definitely more fit.  Make 2013 the year of REALIZED DREAMS!

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