24 Hours to LIVE


I want you to ask yourself one question.

If you had 24 HOURS TO LIVE. . .what will you do? (MA$E, Harlem world).  I would tell the people that I love them, improve yourself, and really LIVE in the world stress free.  If all full part-time workers, put in 40 hours a week, at jobs they do not enjoy, and at worst hated.  What will you do?

“I’d do good shit, like take kids from the ghetto
Show them what they could have if they never settled.” – MA$E

As we all know, most people work to make a living, but their daily routine consists of waking up, getting ready for work, working as little as possible while on the J-O-B, going home, unwinding, going to bed, and repeating the S-O-S the next day.  In brief, are we(the people) living?

Their are many self-improvement motivational speakers as well as countless books written on how to live on a certain amount of money each day.  People we need to make the best of the time remaining with our lives.  The age old statement, “time is money,” is truly an understatement, as we should all know time can produce more money but money can not produce more time.  We have all the time we will ever have, there is no new time, time is what it is NOW!


Here’s a formula or guide for self-improvement with minimal time:

10 minuter in the morning + 10 minutes in the afternoon + 10 minutes in the evening = 30 minutes of self-improvement

On average you should have about 10-12 hours a month for self-improvement.  The key is to be consistent with being consistent and you will be better each passing day.  Make the most of your 24 hours to live better, more prosperous, and have more knowledge of self health and wealth.

A Great to Know:

Literature is not the only means of self-improvement.  Other types of reading can be very beneficial, including learning more about your business, the benefits of physical exercise, learning about the “cause and effect” of things, and learning about history and philosophy.  Also, how to apply all of what you have learned to your daily life.

I personally want you to understand, advice is only advice if you follow it, other than that its just someones opinion period.   We all have the same amount of time, now what we do with our time varies from person to person.  Focus your attention on being productive with the time you have.  Whether its listening to some motivational feel good music in the morning, or reading about how to improve your stock portfolio at lunch, more importantly relax throughout the day because all you ever will have is the time you have NOW.

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