I love my M.O.M.

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRycVJ7A-R7M0hggG5dgBYb1JP6C5Sxesc6-nhGIif3lvZwXY43Po-8_gfqMind over matter (M.O.M.) is a phrase.  However, it has also been used  in reference to mind-centric spiritual and philosophic doctrines such as responsibility assumption (Wikipedia).  The human mind is uniquely special, “man is what man thinks.”  Many self -help books, speakers, and organizations claim that, through the power of concentration and “positive thinking’, people can liberate themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Also, setting themselves apart financially by simply helping others.

The power of your M.O.M can simply be goals being realized on the material plane through truly believing the object you desire and are focused upon will lead to that object.   If you have health, you will probably be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you will have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want, as stated by Elbert Hubbard.  Also, thinking you already have it (great health and wealth) can affirm you will have in the near future.

A change in positive thought is very powerful.  Imagine, if everyone on Earth had complete happiness mind, body, and soul.  Now that would be a wonderful planet of positive thought.  The reality is that happiness has to be attained not pursued.  Many people argue over what happiness really is, with some arguing that happiness is attracted through positive thought.  Have you ever posed the question to yourself, what does it mean to truly be happy?

The Simple list:

  • Money
  • Cars
  • Prevention vs. cure for terminal illnesses
  • A cup of tea or a healthy meal


  • Children’s laughter
  • A promotion (recognition)
  • World Peace

A Great to Know:

Positive thinking has been used clinically to help individuals with depression, anxiety, and self-esteem problems.  In combination with relaxation therapy (stretching, Yoga, and breathing techniques), positive thinking can be just what the mind, body, and soul needs.  What is GoOD is good. . .All the time!

A practical assumption, will be to test positive thinking on yourself rather then taking someones word as affirmation to what is happiness.  I have personally tried this method of positive thinking.  Honestly,  working towards the realization of a visualized imagine of complete happiness, I want to attain.  My suggestion, is live life with a positive attitude.  Be thankful for the days as well as the nights.  Simply feel good and be happy.

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