Plan to develop success | Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Cause: Invest in personal Health

PD1Personal development is a life journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.  Self-healing, mind power, and other incredible truths are all apart of transforming yourself into an enlighten human being.  If you wrestle with confusion, unhappiness, health issues, emotional stress, and dissatisfaction in your life, the choice is yours.  For those of you who want freedom of one’s self, happiness, abundance and peace within your heart.  Join the millions of people who have discovered the power of the mind, self-healing, and other incredible truths.  Open your heart and your mind, and take the journey to a better version of yourself.  Everyone’s life has room for improvement.  Imagine, if you improved yourself everyday and encouraged someone to do the same.   How much better would the world be; Is the question?

Elevate your Self-Esteem

Appreciate yourself, taking your time to be at your best, feeling as good as you look.  Boost your self esteem with confidence by improving your personal appearance.   Often, when individuals take care of their personal care, For example, having a spa day with the girls, hanging out with your boys at the barbershop, purchasing a new outfit, or an hour at the gym; all these examples can boost your self esteem with confidence by improving your personal appearance.

The Power List:

  • Think positive
  • Personal self discipline
  • Be consistent with being consistent
  • Simplify your life< Say YES to YOU!
  • Plan for success – write down your goals: 10 years, 5 years, and 1 year from NOW!
  • Be Happy for others success as much as your own
  • Exercise – Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually
  • Meditate – rejuvenate the Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Rest – allow yourself time to recharge
  • Your dreams.  Inspire you to action
  • Attend Events.  Especially for career and education goals, are there seminars? Conferences? Meet up with people who get together and network?
  • Mentors and Supporters.  Who can you reach out to that can help you with your goals?  For example, friends, family, co-workers, etc.

Why Put Together a Personal Development Plan (PDP)?

Extensive research shows individuals, who writes down their plan increases their opportunity to succeed.  Jonathan Wells states, success requires a well-articulated goal.  It is not a product of wishful thinking.  Clarity, gives a clear understanding of which you are focused upon.  Define the why, having a PDP visually paints “Why I’m doing what I’m doing.”  My Compass, a focused PDP keeps an individual in the right direction to attain their goal.  For me, I personally write down what I want, and I write down the How, when, and why, I want to get there.  Take action commit to your PDP.

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Effect:  Build Substantial Personal Wealth

Knowledge truly unlocks your inner being providing the power to change anything and everything you desire! Put these suggestions to use in your daily life, and you will be more happier and healthier on the inside and the outside.  Positive thinking can reduce stress related fears and worries.  If you have a strong faith, no worries, less fears and no problems.  Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Also, if you choose to believe in good things, good things will happen for you, followed by peace of mind, along with serenity and calmness in your soul.  The ‘sum of all fears’ and anxieties are not only unhealthy but unproductive thinking.  Positive thinking will give you energy as well as boost your mood.  Be thankful.  Positivity can be infectious, surround yourself with positive people, it will shift any person’s frame of mind.  Thinking positive continually can motivate you to succeed, pursuing your goals and dreams.  If you knew reading this article would lead to earning a million dollars, you would read it three times.  Goals and motivation are one in the same, write down your goals, plan to succeed.  Once you conceive what you believe you will achieve all you desire.  You can create the life you want through positive thinking.  Action now, leads to success.  Believe you are, your own very best dream or movie that we all want to see.  Take positive action making your dreams come true.

We Thank you. Your friends at GFR.

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